ATX Computer Power Supply to Lab Bench Supply

This kit converts a computer power supply into a benchtop supply without requiring you to modify (or destroy!) your ATX unit. 

The kit features:

  • Breakouts for +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, and GND
  • Fuses for each voltage rail
  • A power resistor to put a minimum load on the supply. This prevents older supplies from going into power-save mode and turning off.
  • LEDs to indicate when there is power available and when the unit is on
  • Pins that can be connected to a switch, to turn the supply on and off
  • 24-pin ATX connector, which plugs into the power supply itself. A 20-pin works too.
  • Enclosure made from laser-cut acrylic.
  • All components are RoHS compliant!