Jay Goel

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ATX Computer Power Supply to Lab Bench Supply

I created a kit which safely converts a computer power supply to a bench supply. There are many guides online for how to do this, but it requires opening the supply, snipping off wires, and soldering them back together. I designed a PCB and an enclosure for the device, and now you can use an existing supply without destroying it.

Autonomous Glockenspiel
Project for CSC 453, Wireless Sensor Networks

Using SunSPOT microcontrollers and actuators, we created a self-playing glockenspiel. The microcontrollers take MIDI files as input and use them to control solenoids, which strike the instrument.

Architecting TCP/IP for SILO Network Architecture
Research Experience for Undergraduates, National Science Foundation

We architected TCP-like functionality for the SILO architecture, a network architecture where the services provided by the network stack can be changed depending on the application's needs.

Practical Graph Mining with R
Contributed to chapter of book. CRC Publications, 2011 (to appear).

I was part of a team that wrote a book chapter on graph mining. This entailed researching and writing about graph classification algorithms. My contribution partained to graph kernel functions and SVM, along with implementing these algorithms in R for use in the chapter's examples.