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North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
B.S., Computer Science
Minors in English and Business Administration
Programming Languages Proficient: Python, C, Java, PHP. Experience: C#, R, MySQL, Sybase
Web Flask, JSP, WSDL, Apache, Tomcat, XHTML, CSS, Spring and iBatis frameworks
Other SunSPOT microcontrollers, ATmega328 (Arduino), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu), z/OS (mainframe programming), some .NET experience, Clearcase, SVN, git, Android OS, RabbitMQ
Professional Experience
2011-present Lot18 (New York, NY)
Backend Software Engineer
Write and maintain backend functionality primarly with Python and MySQL. Write cron jobs to send marketing emails, generate reports, or schedule products on our website. Develop our API to add new functionality depending on the business goals, from more efficient order processing to new features to increase customer activation rate. Also develop our automated test and deployment tools.

I am also teaching a "Python 101" course to others in the business, to give a better sense of how our development team works and to help automate tasks typically done manually with Excel.
2010-2011 Fidelity Investments (Research Triangle Park, NC)
Software Engineer
  • Added functionality to make invoicing software, written in C# and ASP.NET, compliant with new 401k Fee Dislcosure regulations. Implemented automated and deploy scripts using NAnt, previously a manual process. Implemented automated NUnit testing for our code base. One of two developers responsible for enhancements and maintainence.
  • On a separate project, helped convert a 3270-based mainframe application to a web interface, using JSP and Java for web development.
2011-present Altissimo Tech, LLC (Research Triangle Park, NC)
Owner of small business specializing in software and hardware technologies. Currently selling an ATX-to-bench power supply, a device which re-purposes a computer power supply to power other electronic devices. I designed a printed circuit board, plastic enclosure, and the interconnection of all components, in addition to iteratively prototyping the design and launching the final product. [buy one, shipping is free! pictures, description]
2007-2008 IBM (Research Triangle Park, NC)
Software Engineer Intern
Developed data validation tool for Mainframe for Networks on z/OS; responsible for developing design of tool in addition to developing the tool itself; written in C and Java. Developed new functionality for OMEGAMON XE. Maintained testing and automation tools for Linux on z/VM.
2006-2008 Kids Gotta Learn (Raleigh, NC)
Software Developer
Developed custom software for company use. Wrote algorithms to automatically generate math practice problems and then create PDF worksheets of those problems. Wrote website using PHP and MySQL, and manage web services and email.
2006-2007 Praxis Studios (Raleigh, NC)
Website Developer
Worked with clients and designers to develop custom websites which had PHP front ends and retrieved content from a MySQL database. Upgraded and maintained in-house content management system. Provided first level technical support.
Open Source
Open source projects that I manage and work on.

My contributions to the Stackoverflow programmers' question-and-answer website.
Research and Projects
2011 Minutes Checker: Virgin Mobile
Created and maintain open-source Android application (using Java) to automatically check how many monthly minutes remain on my cell phone plan. The code is hosted on github, and several people have contributed patches. The app has more than 15,000 active users and a 5-star rating on the Android Market.
[Android Market page], [Github project page]
2010 Autonomous Glockenspiel
For a class on wireless sensor networks, we programmed SunSPOT microcontrollers, which use an embedded JDK, to automatically play a physical musical instrument.
[videos, pictures, and description]
2010 Architecting TCP/IP for SILO Network Architecture
Wrote honors thesis on how one would architect TCP's functionality within a different networking framework. Implemented prototype of this in C++ on Linux, and created virtual machine images of the stack so that it could be easily deployed and tested.
[final report]
2009 Practical Graph Mining with R
(to appear) Wrote book chapter with peers on graph classification algorithms, along with R implementations.
[source code]
Awards and Honors
2011 Honorable Mention for NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program
The National Science Foundation accepts approximately 2,000 students to provide three years of funding for graduate work along with a living stipend every year. An additional 2,000 students receive an honorable mention and access to NSF grid computing resources.
2010 Donald L. Bitzer Creativity Award ($500)
North Carolina State University
2010 Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon
2009 Research Experiences for Undergraduates ($6,400)
National Science Foundation
2009 Carol Miller Student Leadership Endowment ($1,000)
North Carolina State University
Teaching and Service
2010 Community Volunteer
Fidelity Investments often provides opportunities for employees to volunteer in local schools. With other colleagues, we set up dozens of donated computers at a local middle school. I critiqued resumes and given career gudiance for high school students, in addition to meeting with students on our campus as part of a Teach for America initiative. I was recognized by the company, with 60 other associates, for my engagement.
2009 Teaching Assistant
CSC 116: Introduction to Computing - Java
2009-2010 Co-President
NCSU Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
2008-2010 Columnist
Columnist for the Technician, NCSU's daily student newspaper.