I consult for small businesses - usually those who do not have full-time engineers - and help build tools to help them become more efficient. I offer the following services. Here are some examples of common problems I've solved in these categories:

Evaluation of engineering needs
If you have never worked with an engineering team before, I can help you evaluate whether to hire a developer, identify tasks which can be automated, identify off-the-shelf solutions that might already exist, and provide guidance for how to successfully engage with engineers and maximize benefit.

Automate tasks that are currently done by hand
Replace a tedious Google Sheet with an automated report, integrate payment software with shipping software.

Build internal dashboards and tools
Dashboard to track shipment status, a tool for office and field staff to coordinate work.

Inventory and logistics optimization
Shipping cost optimization, tools to increase units processed per hour, automatic generation of shipping labels and packing slips, inventory tracking and reports, physical process optimization.

Financial reporting
Weekly sales reports, analysis of promotional discounts, conversion rate reports, COGS analysis, basic financial statements.