I'm currently an engineering Team Lead at Squarespace, where I am responsible for evolving how our customers use domain names for their creative pursuits.

I excel at creating focus: working with people across the business to identify the most critical deliverables for our team and helping make sure we're able to make consistent progress.

I am also an avid saxophone player. I perform with several groups in NYC.


As an engineer, I have been an early employee of multiple startups helping them scale their platforms as they have grown. I enjoy working at small firms alongside non-technical stakeholders to understand strategy and then develop a technical roadmap to achieve growth.

My background has been in the field of shipping, logistics, inventory management, and financial software. I have developed these skills working alongside warehouse managers to increase efficiency Rent the Runway, and before that automating logistics pipelines for an eyewear firm and an online wine startup.

If you are a small company looking for help making your logistics processes more efficient or automating day-to-day tasks, please contact me!